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You are interested in using solar energy. Now we need to help you figure out how to make it happen. As a homeowner, there are a several ways for you to access and harness the power of solar energy. Our solar experts will help you get educated, assess your home situation, setup and coordinate the entire solar installation plus any required services, and ensure all quality assurance is completed.


We Educate

Give Surf Clean Energy 30 minutes and you will fully understand the impact of solar energy. 

We Assess

We review solar options that make sense for your situation and what it will take to make it happen.

We Install

We manage every aspect of your solar installation including tree removal, roof replacement, and permits, if needed.

We Ensure Quality

We ensure that your new solar system is running efficiently and you know how to effectively manage it.  


Purchase Solar

Earn lifetime energy savings by purchasing your solar system. Surf Clean Energy will present you with several financing options based on your personal finances and available tax credits. Consult with us today. 


Lease Solar

Learn why leasing may be the better option for your situation. Explore our lease options and lock in low energy rates with a new solar energy system. Schedule a consult to discuss your leasing options.


NY-Sun On Bill Recovery Program

New York State is making solar energy more accessible to homes and communities through NY-Sun. New Yorkers can choose clean energy while lowering their energy costs through incentives and financing, education, local government resources and community solar projects. Learn more about whether you qualify for the NYS program.


Backup Battery Solution

Surf Clean Energy offers solar backup battery power options through Tesla, LG, and Goal Zero from Yeti. Solar backup power is becoming a more valuable energy option that is beginning to generate rebate opportunities. Learn more. 


Smart Home Technology

While solar will lower your total energy expenses, you still need to manage your overall energy usage. Manage your home and energy bill by integrating smart home technology that tracks the usage on every home appliance right on our mobile device. Learn more.


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Review what our homeowners are saying about Surf Clean Energy. Discover why Surf Clean Energy is the optimal partner to help you explore and deliver alternative energy options for your home.

I was very skeptical about purchasing or leasing a solar energy system for my new house.  I setup an appointment with Surf Clean Energy.  Tyler really helped me to understand solar energy and how the systems work. I now fully understand the financial aspects of using solar energy and how it impacts my homeowner expenses. I would highly recommend Surf Clean Energy as a reputable company who really focused on educating me!

Jen B.

Surf Clean Energy Client

We wanted to get solar energy for our home.  We have an older home in a wooded area and we were not sure whether it was right for our situation.  The experts from Surf Solar Energy helped us evaluate our home situation and whether solar energy was a good option for us to pursue.  They were open about the pros and cons. We trusted their knowledge, expertise and integrity.

Ben L.

Surf Clean Energy Client

There are so many solar companies out there.  We had a difficult time figuring out who to call and didn’t want to get ‘sold’ with a solar product that was not right for our situation.  We were referred to Surf Clean Energy by a trustworthy friend of ours.  Our friend told us that Tyler’s company would direct us the right way,  And Surf Clean Energy did just that.  We are so happy with our decision to purchase a solar energy system for our home.

Larry C.

Surf Clean Energy Client

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