10 Home Solar Myths Debunked

home solar panels on the roof of a house

10 Common Home Solar Myths Debunked

Installing solar panels on your home can be very exciting. However, it can also be very nerve-wracking as you question and learn about solar technology. You might not know exactly how the solar process works. Or you heard some horror stories about solar panels that have gone wrong. You might assume that your house isn’t right for solar panels and haven’t even considered them as an option. Or, maybe you’re a total skeptic and think home solar is a scam. Well, Surf Clean Energy is here to debunk all the home solar myths you’ve heard and to put your mind at ease. Here are ten common home solar myths and the truth behind those rumors:

  1. The cost of solar is too high: False. People often assume that such a large addition to the home and something so energy efficient cannot be reasonably priced. However, the cost of solar panels has decreased immensely in recent years. In fact, solar has never been cheaper. Most recently, you can get solar panels for $0 down. Instead, the price is fixed until its paid off. This is usually 10-20 years. In the end, your electricity bill ends up being way less than what you would pay the utility providers in that span of time. More specifically, your bill is reduced anywhere from 20-40 percent.
  2. I will need a new roof: Absolutely not. A new roof is not necessary to install solar panels. Nevertheless, it’s important to make sure your roof is free of damage prior to installationNine out of ten times, Surf Clean Energy will recommend you get a new roof if it doesn’t have at least 10 years of life left. The added weight of solar panels on a damaged roof can lead to cracks and leaks. However, if your roof does need repair while the panels are on top, they can be removed and reinstalled.
  3. It’s not safe to have solar panels on my roof: As long as your solar panels are installed correctly and they are used properly, solar panels are safe. Most solar systems come with automatic fail-safe switches to prevent electrical surges from causing any damage. Another common concern is radiation. Solar panels have little to no radiation coming from them. The panels are also lightweight and designed for little to no impact on the structure of your roof.
  4. Solar is ugly: Solar panels were sometimes an eyesore in past years, but they have become much more aesthetically pleasing. And if your roof is flat, you can’t even see the panels from the ground. Solar panel technology is changing.  Bulky panels are not your first or only option anymore.
  5. Solar panels only work in sunny areas: This is the most common rumor among home solar myths. Panels don’t need direct sunlight to work and, therefore, are not limited to abundantly sunny locations. Solar panels daylight to generate electricity. This means that they work even when the weather is foggy, cloudy and rainy.
  6. Solar panels will decrease the value of your home: The value of any home depends on many factors. However, when you add solar panels, you’re actually adding value to your home. Generally, solar panels increase the value of your home anywhere from $5,000 to $29,000. Actually, current research shows that solar panels home in NY and CA areas are appraised for 5% or more, while other areas are appraised at 4%.
  7. I will need to maintain and replace my solar panels on a regular basis: Once installed, your solar panels take care of themselves for the most part. They are very durable and can last years without needing any repairs or maintenance. All the solar panels Surf Clean Energy use has a performance guarantee of 25 years. However, they can last up to 40 years. Even after you’ve exceeded those years, your solar panels will still function.
  8. Solar energy requires a significant change in lifestyle: No!  When you tie your solar system to the grid, any surplus that your system creates feeds back into the grid.  Later, if and when you need more energy, it is yours, for free. If you need more, your local utility will meet the excess demand. Even if it snows consecutively for weeks, your home will always have energy. 
  9. I will not save any money: This couldn’t be more false! It’s not a question as to whether solar panels will save you money. Instead, you should be asking, how much will they save?  Solar savings depends on many factors such as the amount of daily sunlight you receive and the size of your system. One of the largest factors is your electricity bill. The higher your electricity bill the more you’ll save switching to solar. 
  10. Solar is just a passing trend: Actually, the U.S is home to more than 1.3 million solar installations with significant growth estimated in the coming years. Also, tech giants like Apple and Microsoft are launching solar projects around the globe. Moreover, major companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Target are jumping onto the solar bandwagon.

Now that you know the truth, you can make a better assessment as to whether or not home solar is right for you. Surf Clean Energy can help you begin your solar journey and can tell you everything you need to know during their free 30-minute phone consultation.

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