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Solar Panel Installation In Long island, NY

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills every month? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment? Installing solar panels in your home or business may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Long Island, NY has been experiencing an increase in demand for renewable energy sources, and Surf Clean Energy is at the forefront of providing solar panel installation services. With the rising cost of electricity and concern for the environment, more people are turning to solar energy as a viable alternative. Solar panel installation is a smart investment that can help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment. If you’re considering going solar, Surf Clean Energy is the right partner to help you make the transition. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of solar panel installation and why Surf Clean Energy is the best choice for your solar needs in Long Island, NY.

Solar Panel Benefits in Long island, NY

The installation of solar panels on a Long Island property provides various benefits.
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Great Lifespan

Solar panels have a lifespan of approximately 25-30 years and can be considered a worthwhile long-term investment due to their longevity and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, they are capable of producing energy over extended periods of time.

Low Maintenance and Easy Installation

The process of installing solar panels is relatively quick, in most cases, it only takes a day, and they do not require much upkeep. A yearly examination is typically sufficient to confirm the proper function of the wiring, connections, and parts.

Increased Property Value

Long Island homes with solar panels can potentially yield higher resale values, as they offer advantages in terms of energy savings and demonstrate a commitment to environmental and community responsibility.

Environmental Benefits

Solar panels are a source of clean energy that does not produce harmful emissions, which helps to reduce carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

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Reduced Energy Costs

The installation of solar panels can lead to notable savings in home energy expenses. In Long Island, NY, where electricity rates are high, this can result in savings of thousands of dollars across the solar system's lifespan.

Job Creation

The implementation and upkeep of solar panels in Long Island, NY, offer employment prospects and contribute to the development of a sustainable energy sector.

Energy Independence

The use of solar panels can reduce reliance on the power grid and improve energy independence and security.

Incentives and Rebates

Long Island homeowners can access a range of incentives and rebates when installing solar panels, such as federal tax credits, state incentives, and local rebates, which can help to lower installation costs.

The Solar Electric Generating Systems tax abatement offers a four-year tax break for the installation of solar electric generating systems, as part of the city's PlaNYC sustainability initiative to encourage the use of reliable and environmentally-friendly energy sources.

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Solar Panel
Installation Process in Queens, NY

Here is the process our team of solar experts at Surf Clean Energy follows with every solar installation.

Site Assessment

Before installing solar panels, we conduct a site assessment to determine eligibility, evaluate the best panel location, assess the roof's condition and orientation, identify any obstructions, and evaluate potential shading impact.

Design and Permitting

Surf Clean Energy provides custom designs based on your home's position, shading, and energy requirements found during the site assessment. Our team will then obtain the necessary permits to ensure the installation complies with all applicable codes and regulations.


The process of installing solar panels involves mounting them on the roof and connecting them to an inverter for converting DC power to AC power. The duration of the installation may vary between 1-3 days, depending on the size of the system.

Inspection and Interconnection

Following installation, we complete a thorough inspection to ensure adherence to safety and performance regulations for the solar panels. Upon successful completion, we contact your solar panel system to the utility grid, enabling personal electricity generation.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Surf Clean Energy offers advice on monitoring methods and scheduling maintenance appointments to maximize solar panel system efficiency.

Incentives and Rebates
in long island, NY

Long Island, NY, provides incentives and rebates for solar panel installations, including a 25% tax credit on solar equipment expenses and a Renewable Energy Credit program for homeowners who generate electricity from their panels.

Utility companies in Long Island offer net-metering programs that provide financial incentives for solar panel-generated electricity. These programs can aid in the installation costs of solar panels and potentially lower monthly energy bills.

Surf Clean Energy offers complete assistance in obtaining all applicable solar incentives and rebates for your new solar system.

Solar Panel Installation

Need a Solar System
for Your Long Island Home?

Installing solar panels in your home provides numerous benefits, such as lower energy expenses, higher property worth, job opportunities, and backing for the environment and society. Additionally, solar power is acknowledged for its prolonged lifespan and low maintenance, making it a dependable energy source for Long Island households. Looking for more information regarding solar panel installation in Long Island, NY? Our Energy Experts at Surf Clean are available to assist with eligibility inquiries. Contact us for further details.

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We educate

Give Surf Clean Energy 30 minutes and you will fully understand the impact of solar energy.

We assess

We review solar options that make sense for your situation and what it will take to make it happen.

We install

We manage every aspect of your solar installation including tree removal, roof replacement, and permits, if needed.

We ensure quality

We ensure that your new solar system is running efficiently and you know how to effectively manage it.

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NY-Sun On Bill Recovery Program

New York State is making solar energy more accessible to homes and communities through NY-Sun. New Yorkers can choose clean energy while lowering their energy costs through incentives and financing, education, local government resources and community solar projects. Learn more about whether you qualify for the NYS program.

Backup battery solution

Surf Clean Energy offers solar backup battery power options through Tesla, LG, and Goal Zero from Yeti. Solar backup power is becoming a more valuable energy option that is beginning to generate rebate opportunities. Learn more.

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Smart home technology

While solar will lower your total energy expenses, you still need to manage your overall energy usage. Manage your home and energy bill by integrating smart home technology that tracks the usage on every home appliance right on our mobile device. Learn more.

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