Charging Your Electric Car with Home Solar Panels

Electric car plugged in

Many people are focused on doing as much as they can do to help reduce their carbon footprint. Adding solar panels to your home is a significant step to decreasing your carbon footprint. Electric cars are another way.  But can your solar panels help to charge your electric car?

Why Purchase an Electric Car? 

  1. Quieter ride: After your first time in an electric car you might start to think as petroleum-powered cars are clunky and old fashioned. Electric cars have no internal engine like traditional cars. Because of this, the ride in an electric car is much smoother and quieter. 
  2. No tailpipe emissions: Researchers believe that electric cars have a smaller environmental impact than conventional vehicles. Especially for drivers with home solar. Having a home solar system and an EV the emissions benefits are dramatic. EV’s don’t have a tailpipe, therefore, they provide a real benefit for improving air quality for your community.
  3. Less maintenance: Because electric cars are electric, they don’t run on oil. This means that you don’t have to bring them for an oil change every 3,000 miles or any other maintenance related to oil. Also, breaks on EV’s don’t wear down as fast, so you won’t have to change those as frequently. 
  4. Tax credits: Driving an EV will most likely grant you tax credits for lessening your carbon footprint. This applies only if you are the original owner of the vehicle. Tax credits can be anywhere up to $7,500 depending on the make and model of the car. 
  5. Home recharging: Don’t you hate when you’re running late for work and you get into your car and your gas in on E?  Imagine never worrying about that again. All you have to do is unplug your car and go. You’ll never have to visit a gas station again. Think about all the money you could save when you’re not getting gas twice a week. The cost per mile to fuel on EV (electric vehicle) is approximately one-third to one-quarter the cost of gasoline (on a cost per mile basis).

Home Solar Will Help Fuel Your Electric Car

Charging your new smart car can add to your monthly electric bill. However, if you have a home solar system it doesn’t matter. Having an array of solar panels can charge an entire smart car battery. And it doesn’t take much! Even a small array of 10 solar panels is enough to charge an entire battery. If you’re still concerned about getting your car fully charged, Surf Clean Energy can help. We can size out your solar system and take the necessary steps to ensure it creates enough energy to charge your car and cover any other future uses. 

It is critical for everyone to try and reduce their carbon footprint. Installing energy-efficient solar panels on your home is a significant contribution which can also minimize the electric costs associated with charging your energy efficient electric car.  So before you purchase that new electric car or smart car, consult with Surf Clean Energy to discuss reducing your electricity bill by installing solar panels.

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