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Surf Clean Energy educates homeowners about how to create a more sustainable household through the use of solar energy and smart home technology.  Surf Clean Energy’s approach, led by Tyler Moston, is simple: educate first! Many homeowners are busy working hard to keep up with paying bills and managing families.  They don’t have time to keep up with the changing energy demands, examine sustainable options that exist for homeowners, and, most importantly, to figure out the finances related to these options. That’s why Tyler developed Surf Clean Energy! Surf Clean Energy educates homeowners about their local energy situation and assesses individual homeowner needs.  Every situation is different. If you choose to move forward, Surf Clean Energy partners with you throughout the entire process from education and assessment through installation and quality assurance. Partner with Surf Clean Energy to save money and sustain energy.

Satisfied Solar Customers

Our professionalism & expertise is what makes our solar company stand out. We guarantee your satisfaction from initial assessment through installation.

Expanding nationally

Our client base launched in our home state of New York and has rapidly expanded throughout New York, New Jersey, Illinois, & Florida.

Decreased Electric Bill

Surf Clean Energy saves clients 20%-50% with the goal of eliminating their electric bill completely!

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Surf Clean Energy was the company trusted to install solar on the first ever 3D-Printed home.

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