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Who is this cost savings estimate for?

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We make solar look good, while putting people first and helping the planet for generations to come.

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Powering the planet by empowering the people.

We love the planet but we love people even more. A Surf Clean Energy solar system on your roof tells your neighbors that you care about your community and your planet, and we care about your journey to clean energy.

Communication is our middle name. When you join the Surf Clean Energy family, we’re here for you every step of the solar way, and beyond. 

The proof is in the panels.

Your home is a big deal to us, and we need to see perfection when our work is complete. We partner with renowned designers, and place a huge emphasis on the look and feel of your individual solar system. Your home will look out of this world. Make yours the brightest house on the block.

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We guide and communicate, and it doesn't stop with the solar system.

Take control of your energy! Track how much your home consumes, and how much your solar produces with the ease of a cell phone. Get status updates anywhere, anytime, and view detailed reports on your energy production.

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Let's partner on your journey to energy responsibility.

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Who is this cost savings estimate for?

What is your address?