Largest 3D Printed Home Gets the Surf Clean Energy Treatment

surf clean energy solar panels on a 3d printed house

We’re on a mission here! That mission is to promote energy responsibility and independence across communities. Making solar happen for another, not to mention the LARGEST 3D-printed house has us even more powered up!

The 2,000 square foot home in Islandia is officially pending sale at the time of this article’s release, which means some lucky homeowner is one step closer to owning a piece of history. Constructed by our friends at SQ4D, the leading 3D-printing construction experts, this four bedroom and three bathroom home has all of the elements you’ll need to lead an energy-efficient and earth-conscious lifestyle.

This isn’t Surf Clean Energy’s first foray into 3D-printed homes – we recently installed solar on New York’s first 3D-printed residential home this year, which you can learn more about on our website. 

3D-printed homes boast insulation that is 3x more effective than traditional insulation you see in most homes – which keeps the home warm during our grueling winter months, and cool during summers. No compromises here when it comes to opting for a more modern approach to home construction and comfort!

These 3D-printed homes pop up fast due to an automated printing/construction process. That means no waiting for foremen to show up, materials to be delivered on-time, or costly mistakes. This can lead to faster completion times, lower labor costs, and ultimately a more affordable home price for these structures. What’s better than a streamlined and cost-effective process?

We can confidently say we’ve entered a new era of home construction and are proud to be on board to make these homes even more sustainable for their residents and our Earth. Keep an eye out for even more 3D-printed homes with Surf Clean Energy’s solar panel systems generating that sweet energy from the sun.

Watch the full construction process of New York’s largest 3D-printed home and learn more about our solar panel system installation on Youtube. 

Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of room left in our hearts to make solar happen for traditionally constructed homes and businesses. Learn how you can get started!

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