How Does the New York State Solar Initiative Work?

How Does the New York State Solar Initiative Work

New York is one of the leading states across the country when it comes to solar energy. Since New York State is so dedicated to solar, they have been finding ways to make solar energy more accessible and their NY-Sun initiative is a shining example of that commitment. The goal of NY-Sun is to help make it possible for New York residents to choose clean energy and lower their energy costs. NY-Sun achieves this through multiple resources and incentive programs.

Where did the NY-Sun Initiative come from?

It’s no secret that the benefits of solar energy are immense. With a reduction in air pollution, increased home value, and reduction in energy bills, many believe the future is bright for those who embrace the power of solar. The state of New York is making great strides in encouraging residents to take advantage of the many advantages of solar energy. Because of this, there are some amazing initiatives created that provide affordable, cleaner, and more resilient energy systems for New York state residents. In fact, the NY-Sun initiative is a huge component of the larger REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) Initiative.

The NY-Sun program includes multiple initiatives that directly target each of New York’s goals. These include incentives and resources to help make solar more affordable, education and training so residents can learn the power and resilience of solar and make informed decisions, and community-based efforts to bring solar to public spaces throughout the state.

The Megawatt Block Incentive Structure

One of the biggest benefits to come out of the NY-Sun Initiative is the Megawatt Block Incentive Structure. This incentive gives a rebate for businesses who buy solar panel systems to be used on both commercial and residential properties. The NY-Sun Initiative is looking to find ways to go solar across the entire state and therefore this rebate gets higher for areas where there is little to no solar energy being produced. What’s really exciting about this particular incentive is that it’s encouraging the spread of solar energy to the far corners of the state in places where solar panels are sparse.

Affordable Solar benefit to New York residents

Installing solar panels on your home is an investment that some homeowners choose to forego due to cost. Under NY-Sun, the Affordable Solar benefit makes it easier to access and afford solar panels at lower income rates. This additional benefit is reserved for households that earn less than 80% of the median income in the area and is a great way for more residents to take advantage of solar energy.

Education and resources provided by NY-Sun

With over 86,000 homes in New York State powered by solar energy, homeowners across the state are finding ways to take advantage of the incredible benefits of solar. The NY-Sun initiative is dedicated to encouraging residents to learn more about solar panels and what they can do to help reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier community. With an extensive library of resources, training, and tools available, it’s never been easier to make informed decisions about going solar in New York.

NY-Sun is an amazing initiative that the state has put forth to find ways to educate and encourage the installation of more solar panels throughout New York. From community solar gardens to financial incentives for homeowners, this initiative is critical in continuing the solar momentum. If you’re interested in installing solar panels to your home, Surf Clean Energy is here to help. As a NYSERDA-approved contractor, we know the ins and outs of the NY-Sun Initiative and are passionate about providing the best service possible. Give us a call today at (516) 960-6501 to get started with the best solar company in New York! 

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