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People store their entire lives on their phones. Now you can track how much energy your family is using in your home from anywhere. Surf Clean Energy offers the installation of SENSE Home Technology. With the push of a button, you can see how much energy is being used in your home. Further, you can see how your solar energy is affecting your electric bill in real time.

How Smart Home Technology Works 

First things first, have a licensed professional at Surf Clean Energy install SENSE in your home’s electrical panel. Once installed, download the app on your phone and you’ll have an inside look at how the electric in your home is being used. Along with real-time usage updates, the app shows you electric trends in your home. More specifically the app can show you what product is being used at that time. Your kids will no longer get away with leaving every TV on.

The trends feature on the app allows you to track how much energy your home is using on a day to day basis. The app will compare your energy trends to your actual total energy used hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Do you have solar panels? Even better! The SENSE app can show you how much money you’re saving on your electric bill by incorporating your solar energy.

You can also focus in on certain devices to see how much they are used. Additionally, the Power Meter feature tracks your usage in the past 24 hours. This feature will show you big spikes when large appliances are used and what appliances are being used in real time. This will help ease your mind when you can’t remember whether or not you left the oven on.

How SENSE Helps You Save 

You must think a device like SENSE uses a lot of energy because it does so much. Actually, SENSE uses the same amount of energy it would take to charge a smartphone. But this little amount of energy used doesn’t affect its power. SENSE samples current and voltage 1 million times per minute. This is 9 million times faster than other smart meters.

SENSE gives you the resources you need to hunt down the energy hogs in your home. SENSE algorithms identify individual devices in your home so you can tell the difference between devices. With the help of SENSE, you can swap these hogs out with more energy efficient devices.

You might not realize it but devices like printers and other idle electronics are always on. These devices use up energy even when they’re not in use. SENSE will track how much energy is used by these ‘always on’ products so you can adjust what’s always plugged in. You can even set alerts on SENSE to remind you to shut certain appliances off.

Is SENSE Right for You?

Who wouldn’t want SENSE to help them save money? If SENSE is sounding like it’s the right fit, you’ll need to know if it’ll work with your home. Firstly, panels up to 200A dimensions of 3.375″ x 2″ x .75″ (85.73 x 50.8 x 19.05mm), with an inside diameter of 1” are compatible. SENSE can also be installed in the main breaker panel for subpanels. However, if you have a separate service for each panel you will need multiple SENSE monitors. SENSE can only work with one service panel at a time.

SENSE is compatible with many different breaker panels. It can also be installed in many different ways and outdoors. For information on how SENSE would work on a busbar, recessed, three-phase panel and more call Safe Clean Energy. With your specific information, Safe Clean Energy can tell you if SENSE is the right fit for your home.

Keeping track of your electric has never been so easy. Not only is SENSE helping you save but it’s keeping you safe. By keeping track of what’s on you don’t have to worry about your hot appliances burning the house down. Most importantly, SENSE tracks where every dollar goes. Now you can save up for more important things like your next family vacation.


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